Kilted Chef Too Hot To Handle Trio

Kilted Chef Too Hot To Handle Trio

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The ultimate trio from everyone's favorite Kilted Chef, Chef Alain!

Hot Under The Kilt
This truly is a versatile seasoning. Enjoy it on beef, chicken, pork, or lamb, fabulous on grilled vegetables and the perfect accompaniment to avocado toast!

The flavor starts out with a bit of kick followed by sweet finish provided by the addition of maple sugar. The multitude of uses are only limited by your imagination! So, are you ready to get Hot Under the Kilt?

Some Like It Hot Mustard
Was Marilyn ever this hot? When it comes to this mustard we’re talking heat over spiciness. Not too much heat, just enough to lift your kilt ever so slightly. Perfect accompaniment to deli sandwiches, sausages, gourmet dogs, in a vinaigrette and just about anywhere that you would use a Dijon style deli mustard.

Burger Booster
This seasoning was made to replicate those perfect canteen burgers of The Kilted Chef’s youth. Those perfectly seasoned patties that were the perfect blend of salt with just a hint of bite, tender inside and crispy outside. Thanks to Bad A$$, you’ll never suffer a bland burger again !

Yee Haw, Giddy up!