Newfoundland Seasonings Hunters Combo

Newfoundland Seasonings Hunters Combo

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 The Hunters Combo is a fan favorite. Get all 3 spices.

Moose Spice
Ya got to get yer moose by's! Put down the salt and pepper and give an old favorite new life, with a rustic, coarse grind, smokey, rub with local juniper that complements game flavours.  Moose, caribou, lamb, elk, grouse and murre (or turr as the Newfoundlanders call it)

Cod Spice
Add a little Newfoundland Accent to your seafood with this versatile blend featuring dill, fennell, parsley, pepper, orange, local savoury and lightly smoked Atlantic sea salt. Fish cakes, chowders, shellfish, crab & salmon! 

Duck Spice
Duck Spice was designed to bring bold flavor to any wild game bird you may have in your sights, if it has wings this is the spice you're looking for!  But don't stop there, Duck Spice is wicked on lamb and pork too, so give it a shot!