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Who we are

The idea for the Juniper BBQ Scraper came from our desire to offer a safe, locally sourced and produced, option for cleaning bbq grills.

We'd been hearing horror stories about people finding wire bristles in their food, getting them caught in their gums, or even worse, ingesting them. These stories prompted us stop using those dangerous bristle brushes but we were never able to find a solution that was locally produced. There were many available options that claimed to be safe but they ether still used bristles, were not grill safe (would damage the grill coating), or were imported.

We decided to use locally sourced juniper to create a solution that's safe to use, 100% natural, and is produced in Canada.

This Juniper BBQ Scraper project truly is a family venture. Without the assistance of this dedicated team, we wouldn't be able to meet our production goals.