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Newfoundland BBQ Gift Box

A Unique Collection of Newfoundland BBQ Products

We've assembled an all Newfoundland BBQ experience to share with you. This gift box is a truly unique gift for any BBQ enthusiast or admirer of Newfoundland. In the gift box you will find everything you need for a perfect BBQ including:

  • 3 pack of Juniper BBQ Scrapers
  • 4 shakers of Newfoundland Seasonings
  • 2 bottles of The Saucy Newfoundland Co's saucy sauces.

This is the perfect gift idea for that someone special. We doubt you'll find anything as unique and affordable this holiday season.

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Shipping Information

We'll ship your BBQ Gift Box in time for this holiday season. We're expecting to ship the first batch of orders on or before November 1st.

Product Information

  • Juniper BBQ Scraper - this all natural Juniper BBQ Scraper will replace your dangerous steel brush. We use locally harvested juniper (tamarack/larch) trees that are then milled here in western Newfoundland.
  • Screeching Hot Sauce - Made from smokey chipotle peppers and kick-arse Newfoundland Rum, this crowd pleaser is sure to awaken all your senses.
  • Partridgeberry BBQ Sauce - The tiny crimson partridgeberry jewel, explodes into the most tart n tangy taste experience. Enjoy the warmth of these berries during your next sunset BBQ.  
  • Newfoundland Moose Spice - a BBQ rub by nature, its the added local juniper that complements just about any meat. It's amazing on pork, beef, chicken, lamba and salmon as well as moose, caribou, elk, deer, bison, wild boar.
  • Newfoundland Cod Spice - try it on any seafood! Chowders, fish and crab cakes, mussels and shell fish! Cod spice so versatile it even works with chicken, and cream sauces. 
  • Newfoundland Duck Spice - the King of Poultry! Try it with duck, goose, partridge, and sea bird recipes!  It also brings flavour domestic birds such as turkey, hens and chicken. 
  • Newfoundland Steak Spice - when grilling steaks, pork chops, or frying burgers, our local blend - featuring sea salt and a hint of savoury - is sure to add that extra zest and flavour to every dish you create.

About Our Partners 

Newfoundland Seasoning's goal is to bring more flavour and life to the game meats and fresh fish of our great province and country as well as enhance the flavour in every day meals too! Whether its grilled pork ribs and New York strips, or pot roast and roasted chicken, Newfoundland Seasonings got you covered!  #boldyetfriendly  

The Saucy Newfoundland Co.'s goal is to inspire you to create wonderful meals that honour our Newfoundland traditions while giving your tastebuds something bold and brazen!