NS boy hospitalized after swallowing BBQ bristle

Photo Credit: Facebook/Tara TovellYou’ve likely heard this recent story about Brady Tovell who was hospitalized and required surgery to remove a wire BBQ bristle that punctured his bowel. It was a scary experience for the Tovell family but Brady is doing much better and expected to have a complete recovery. 

After hearing this horrific news, we contacted Brady’s mom to find out if there was anything we could do to help put a smile on this little guy's face. We came up with a plan and a time to meet once Brady was feeling up to it. 
On Monday, we visited with the Tovell family and presented them with a family pass for Magic Mountain along with hotel accommodations. We thought it would be a nice summertime activity for the family to enjoy.

Brady B

While chatting with Brady, I learned that the Tovell family donates to the IWK every year and he wants to increase his donation. This touched me and I wanted to help with this cause. I chatted with Brady’s mom and here’s the plan.
For every online order of Juniper BBQ Scrapers in June, we will donate $10 to the IWK in Brady's name. 
We are also offering FREE Expedited Parcel shipping via Canada Post when you order via the link below. Together we can make a difference.