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Safely and Easily Clean Your BBQ Grill

The Juniper BBQ Scraper is a safe alternative to dangerous bristle brush BBQ grill cleaners. Use it to safely and easily clean your propane or charcoal BBQ grill leaving nothing behind except a clean grill for cooking. The long handle on the Juniper BBQ Scraper allows you to keep your hands away from the hot grill even when cleaning under multi-tiered racks. Over time, grooves will form matching your grill giving it a 'just for you' feel. Treat it like your favourite wood cutting board and it should last for many BBQ seasons.

The Juniper BBQ Scraper is handcrafted from 100% Canadian juniper (tamarack) which is locally harvested from sustainable forests. Juniper is more durable and longer lasting than cedar and easier to use than oak or birch products which makes it perfect for a long lasting BBQ scraper. Juniper, along with being heat-resistant, is “noted for its rot resistance, strength and ability to neutralize bacteria”. *

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Customer Reviews

The bbq scrapers arrived and they are great!  I like them so much, I ordered 3 more.


Great gift idea for family and friends. Simple yet effective. Safety first.


Love the new shirts! The will make an awesome gift for a friend of mine living away!