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Juniper BBQ Scrapers Store Display

Your BBQ section

is about to get a lot busier!

Juniper BBQ Scraper; your prescription for increasing BBQ section profits!

We are expanding and seeking regional and national retail partners who are looking for a high-margin quality product for their BBQ section.


With over 600 retailers already carrying our product, the reaction from their customers has been so positive it’s creating a demand that is helping grow their BBQ section.


  • Handcrafted from 100% Canadian juniper (tamarack)
  • The all-natural alternative to bristle brushes
  • Grooves naturally form to match your BBQ grill
  • Treated with high grade, food safe, cutting board oil
  • Heat-resistant, rot resistant, and known to neutralize bacteria
  • Long 16” handle for safe clean up
  • Logo is burned into scraper